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Public | Error 1235 - The request was aborted.
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These errors happen when running Replicator w/ debugging via the Visual Basic 6 IDE.

4/24/2020 4:32:31 AM: Error: Copy of J:\home\Desktop\Folder Test\replicator2.txt to Y:\Folder Test\replicator2.txt Failed (Error 1235 - The request was aborted.):

Call to CopyFileExW returns hresult=0 (error) and Err.LastDLLError is set to 1235.

To reproduce:

  1. Run Replicator through VB6 (F5)
  2. View Log button
  3. Save as Text (to a file that will be backed up now)
  4. Start backup job -- frequently Error 1235 will be reported until a memfile slot or something is freed up w/ VB6

Anyway, I'm writing this because after I figured it out this time, I remembered last time.. like last year when I didn't make a note about it.
Note made.

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