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Public | JavaScript download links don't work for some people
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Diana from South Africa was unable to start a download of Replicator from Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7.

I think this is probably the weird JavaScript I use to start the downloads to avoid cross-linking.

Instead, changing to direct links.

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Joe created this task.Nov 17 2018, 8:06 AM
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Joe added a comment.Nov 17 2018, 8:59 AM

This being the third time I've changed the way downloads work, I've decided to be smart enough to collect the download information into a class so the HTML can be rendered from it. These will be collected into an array of the Power Tool's own descriptor class.

namespace KarenWare\Tools;

<td><a class="download-link" href="#Karens-Directory-Printer-v5.4.2-Setup.exe"
		onclick="return dfile(this,'Karens-Directory-Printer-v5.4.2-Setup.exe');">Karens-Directory-Printer-v5.4.2-Setup.exe</a> <span class="badge badge-success">New!</span><br>
		Download and run to install Directory Printer v5.4.2
		<td>November 15, 2018</td>
		<td class="numcol">1,321,232 bytes</td>
		<td class="numcol" style="font-size: 90%">SHA-1<br>E55ACA499D3B97DE673C18D123E2E888617F83D9<br>
		<a href="" class="external-link font-bold">VirusTotal Scan Results</a>

class Download {
	public $filename;
	public $version;
	public $released;
	public $bytes;
	public $sha1;
	public $sha256;
	public $virustotal;
	public function __construct( string $filename, string $version, string $released, string $bytes, 
			string $sha1, string $sha265 = null, $virustotal = null ) {
Joe added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 5:30 PM

The methodology and functions have all been worked out and just needs to be installed on all the pages.