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Roger suggested:

I am a long-term user of the utilities. Now I have been using in the past another utility called ERASER. Unfortunately, that utility was not very stable and the owners were not really accessible. I wonder if you would not be able to create a REPLICATOR twin but this time to SCHEDULE ERASING or DELETING files and folders? Based on the same criteria and format as REPLICATOR it could be called DELETOR… It would assist in programming the deletion of certain files/folders based on given criteria such as: age, duplicate, etc…

What do you think?

I think this can be useful when one has a number of files that are periodically created and one needs to say keep only the last one, or the last one in December, etc… or logs etc.

Hi, Roger --

That is a great suggestion. A separate Power Tool for that function would be handy, thanks!

I've been planning on adding that sort of functionality to Replicator itself in the rewritten version (coming later). One thing I want to be able to do for my own backups is to keep the last n versions of changed files.

Thanks again!

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