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JW C wrote:

Don't know if anyone else has reported it, but I've had problems installing Hasher v2.31 on to Win10 (build 16299,492). The installation proceeds up to the window where one can select an alternate install folder. When I try to change the default install folder from the default using the input browse window, it will not allow the Next button to proceed.

  • I've checked the Hasher web page and I don't see anything I can relate to this issue for Win10 or otherwise.
  • Whether I run the installer as an administrator or not, or check off for only for this user or all users or not, the problem is the same.
  • The installation will proceed to the next step if I accept the default path "c"program files (x86)\Karen's Power Tools\Hasher". If delete text from the right I can proceed to the next step as though I were installing to any folder in the default path. If I carefully edit this text, I can get the install to a different partition/folder of my choice. However, I can not use the input browse to point/select the same choice.

Perhaps I'm missing doing something incorrectly for that install window. I was able to finally install Hasher v2.3.1 as I described above, but if there's a bug for Win10 in a part of the install, then here it is...

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I am unable to recreate the problem on my machine, Windows 10 Pro, Version 1803, Build 17134.345.