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Public | New Install Wipes past Jobs on Windows Server using Roaming Profiles
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This to me is a big issue.

Using Replicator on Windows Server

I've been asked if (and why) installing Replicator wipes out previously configured jobs and settings. One guy asked if, and I said it doesn't. Another other guy asked will it and I said no. Then he said it did, and I said it did? He said yes it did., but he wasn't quite as excited about it as I am now.

I'm making light of the situation because I'm embarrassed, so I apologize.

I believe this happens because of roaming profiles. Replicator stores in and then read it's settings from (for example) C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Local\Karen's Power Tools\Replicator but perhaps the previous job configuration files have already been moved to the directory after the last logout and are now located in C:\Users\Joe\AppData\Roamin\Karen's Power Tools\Replicator after this login. Since Replicator doesn't see them in the Local directory then new files are created.

I need to install a version of Server. I think I have an old one bundled with Karen's MSDN subscription files.

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Wow. Ok, I have profile roaming turned on, but I cannot reproduce the problem.