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Public | Print any media metadata (i.e. ID3 tags from .MP3 files)
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This will be in the .NET version.

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ID3 Support
ID3 is an organization that has defined a set of standards for including metadata in MPEG Layer-3 (MP3) audio files. The objects of the Windows Media Format SDK provide support for ID3 compatible attributes. Three distinct ID3 versions are supported: ID3v1.x, ID3v2.2, and ID3v2.3/v2,4. For a list of the attributes that equate to ID3 frames, see ID3 Tag Support.

Unless otherwise noted, no validation of ID3 frame data is performed by the objects of this SDK. For example, the metadata attribute WM/Lyrics_Synchronised stores the song lyrics with corresponding time stamps. When writing a WM/Lyrics_Synchronised attribute, the objects of this SDK will not check to ensure that the time stamps are in chronological order or perform validation of any kind.

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Also suggested by Lloyd in name

Would it be possible to display the "date taken" please? (With digital cameras, the EXIF info has become very useful for identifying photos, but unfortunately doesn't appear in any Karen's Directory fields. It is readily available in Windows Explorer - Windows 10.)