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Public | Print Remote Directories via FTP and SSH
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Jill would like to print the contents of her media folder on her Wordpress site.

Hi Joe, Can the directory printer print online directories or only on your computer?

Directory Printer will print the contents of directories on your computer, or that are mapped to a drive on your computer. So, I guess the only "online" directory it can print, so far, would be one you can access through a virtual drive letter.

What kind of online directory would you like to be able to print?

The image folder on my Wordpress site.

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One solution (work-around) might be to map an FTP address as a new network location in modern Windows. This would make a good Karen's Power Tools Newsletter topic. Working on testing it.

Joe added a comment.May 5 2018, 11:54 AM

There doesn't seem to be a stock-Windows work-around available.

  • I can add an FTP service as a custom network location, but the current Directory Printer v5.3 doesn't see those mount points.
  • There does not seem to be a way to force a drive mapping to said network location

This is a cool idea for a feature, so definitely stays on the wishlist.

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