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Elliott suggested running Replicator as a Windows service in this ticket:

Is it possible to have Replicator run as a service in windows so I don't have to make sure it's started all the time. I have Replicator autostart with Windows but I don't reboot my PC sometimes for weeks and eventually I will look and Replicator has been closed somehow and my backup jobs have not run.
Running as a service would be nice.

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These are services. If you click your Windows key and type Services, you'll find a desktop app called Services on Windows 10, or you can run command line file "services.msc", then you see the services control panel:

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Bob wrote:

I am using replicator 3.7 on Win 10 64 bit v 1803, works fine, with one exception so far. The program does not open when I turn on my computer.
Now I assume this is me, not you, because there is an option to “turn on replicator when ‘Bob’ logs on”, I selected this option, but I don’t actually log on,
[so Replicator does not run] My current analog solution is a post-it note on the monitor which says “run replicator”

You are correct. Karen wrote Replicator to be a user program. Since it's a user program, it requires a user's logged in Windows desktop manager running. Programs that are linked into the Startup folder also work that way -- a user has to log into the machine and at that time Windows Explorer runs the programs in that folder as part of its startup process.

When you click "Run at Startup" in the configuration dialog of Karen's Replicator, it makes a registry entry that works just like an item in the Startup folder.

For a program to run when the operating system starts up, it is built and registered to run as a Windows Service.

Updating Replicator to run as a service has been suggested a number of times. I want it to work that way, myself.

jeffl added a subscriber: jeffl.Nov 16 2018, 4:00 PM

Yup... should love to be able to run Replicator as a service.