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Thanks again, Graham K:

there are problems with "view log file" when it gets large

Yes, there are. I have some ideas about a system that's more of a logging database (well, I've used systems that do logging better -- I didn't come up with any new ideas, yet)

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  1. The job run log might be re-organized a little differently to:
    • Somehow better separate each job data set so one can see better the beginning of each job data set quickly. Maybe set up so one can use the keyboard page up/down keys to have it stop at each job data set start?
    • Move any job errors list (now in red text) to the beginning of a job data set so one can more quickly find what the problems were.
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Peter wrote:

Optional log of file names that could not be replicated.

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Mike wrote:

I liked to know how many files were accessed during the backup process, how many were backed up (perhaps individual file sizes listed), how many were bypassed (incremental backups, etc.), number files from previous backups, etc.

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Christopher wrote:

[I]f there is an opportunity to implement a limit to the size of the log file Karen's Replicator creates, that would be appreciated.
Say around 500KB to 1MB. Oldest logs to be deleted. Perhaps a user's choice as to whether to limit the log file's size or not.
For those that backup many folders, the log file size mushrooms fairly quickly, especially for those that backup daily.
Large log files are a chore to read and, on older systems, may not load into the "notepad" like window due to its very large size.
I have run into some users that did not realize there was a log file to peruse! Their log file sizes were gargantuan!