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Thanks again, Graham K:

I didn't look at the code - does it check if the destination is identical to the source before copying (name, timestamp, CRC) I have one 300gB data partition which takes more than 24 hours to run :-( Perhaps a 64 bit version would improve that?

I think .NET will improve that if we're talking about straight up copying (I hope). Block-based replication and other cool things would help.

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I'm not sure what "Block-based replication should help" means because it's the feedback to the UI that should be the bottleneck. Fewer callbacks for the next block means fewer wasted context switches. T108: Performance Issues

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Replicator checks whether the filename exists in the destination folder, and then whether the FILETIME is newer in the source (if compare time option is selected). So, this Task appears to be a non-issue.