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Request by Bob on this ticket.

Do you have a “Replicator” Prigram for MAC OS-High Sierra?
If written in Java Script would the program be useable across ALL OS Platforms, like The Infinite Kind’s Personal Finance Program “Moneydance”, which can use same data file on a MACs or Windows Computers, just not at same time. I.e. using Drop Box to store the data, retrievable by any Computer System?

Will Karen's .NET conversions as started run on .NET Core on macOS?

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Joe added a comment.Jan 26 2018, 2:35 PM

Sorry, we do not have a linux or Mac version, yet. Cloud replication has been something I've wanted to do, as well as cross platform, though.

I used Replicator on Home PC but went to Apple. Sure do miss the convenience of duplicating data files on an external disk for Backup purposes. If possible put me on a Apple Program wait list. Would sure like to know when a Mac version is available for Replicator, even if a modest charge $20 or so.

There are .NET technologies now that are intended for use on other OS, including Macintosh. For a while, I've been considering using Unity, but just did a search for .NET and found .NET Core and Visual Studio will run on macOS these days. So, that's encouraging. Karen had already started redeveloping or converting the most popular tools for .NET instead of using the Win32 API directly as the Visual Basic 6 applications do now.

I'm glad you opened a ticket about this so it's part of the record. I'm going to create a wishlist item, too.

Have you subscribed or were you subscribed to Karen's Power Tools Newsletter under your current email address? I have yet to send one, but such things as cross-platform availability or status will be written about in the newsletter. The subscribe link here:

Thanks again,


Joe added a comment.Nov 17 2018, 3:00 PM

Martin wrote:

Any chance you will replicate your work on Replicator for the Mac OS? I gave up Windows almost a decade ago but still follow your work. Keep it up.