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Public | Replicator fails to Recycle deleted files
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Reported by WalterJ on this ticket.

Win 10 v 1709.

  1. Assume Source and Target directories contain the same single file.
  2. Under Job Settings check "Move deleted Items to Recycle Bin"
  3. Delete the file in the Source directory
  4. Run Replicator

The Target directory still contains the file deleted in the Source directory and an error message indicates that the file could not be deleted.
If the box "Move Deleted Items to Recycle Bin" is UNCHECKED, the file is eliminated from the Target directory, no error message appears. However, the file is deleted without sending it to the Recycle Bin.

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Leonard B just reported a test where "Move deleted Items to Recycle Bin" simply deletes the file, no error, and it's counted in the Files Recycled count.