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Public | "Don't show this reminder again" should be "Always do this when I close Replicator"
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Ric wrote in This Ticket

I am opening this ticket because When I close Replicator it exits the program, even if I click on the X in the upper right corner.
It use to close to the tray until I checked the box that said Do Not Show This Again. Now no matter what I click on, either exit of the X,
it closes the program. How do I get back to that box and uncheck it. Great program.

I can confirm that on version 3.6.9 on my Windows 10 machine that Replicator is behaving just as Ric described.

If I minimize the application myself instead of closing with X or Exit, that it will go to the system tray as configured.

If the warning box appears, then I'm given the option to minimize or exit.

To make the option show up again, Edit Settings... Then UNCHECK the "Don't Allow User to Disable This Warning" -- the opposite as is shown here:

HoweverI can't find any combination of settings that will automatically minimize on close. It will either put up a warning box, or close.

I don't know which version operated as you remember, and as I think it should. So, this is either a bug or an idea for a new feature. I think the "Don't show this reminder again" should be a "Always do this when I close Replicator" option, instead.

Sorry about the hassle.

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