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Public | Save user defined sort order of jobs, or add Disable Sort option
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would it be possible to create a setting where i have my default layout saved, and where i can bring it back at a push of a button? i have like 80 things i backup, and i need them in that order i set up. yet i accidentally hit the sort button (wish that was locked to off), and it sorted it out to an order i did not want. luckily i have a back up of the settings. but i'd like a feature that will save it and or lock it in place so i can go back if i did something wrong.

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It's not at all perfect, but I've added an index column.

The index numbers are reset whenever the jobs table is reloaded. The jobs table is reloaded when the program is started *and* when you edit the jobs. So, the sort order cannot easily be returned to the original after that number is reset. If you accidentally click a column header and your preferred order gets all mixed up and you do not sort on the # column, then you'll have to manually reorder them in settings again.