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Public | Add Field for Password-Protected Status
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Kathryn [[ | suggested need for being able to check password-protected status ]]for PDF, Word, and Excel files.

As a compliance check, all sensitive data files need to be password protected, whether they are PDFs, Excel, or Word files. I need a software that can show me if we missed any files that need to be encrypted/protected, for compliance purposes. I’d love the ability to see both protected AND un-protected files. Most software I’ve come across will only show that protected files in a list format.

Perhaps this could be added for a later version.
IsPasswordProtected Gets whether the Portable Document Format (PDF) document is password-protected.

Word and Excel might require interop with the applications installed on the machine:

Here is a method by examining the file directly from

public static Boolean IsProtected(String file)
    Byte[] bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(file);

    String prefix = Encoding.Default.GetString(bytes.Take(2).ToArray());

    // Zip and not password protected.
    if (prefix == "PK")
        return false;

    // Office format.
    if (prefix == "ÐÏ")
        // XLS 2003
        if (bytes.Skip(0x208).Take(1).ToArray()[0] == 0xFE)
            return true;

        // XLS 2005
        if (bytes.Skip(0x214).Take(1).ToArray()[0] == 0x2F)
            return true;

        // DOC 2005
        if (bytes.Skip(0x20B).Take(1).ToArray()[0] == 0x13)
            return true;

        // Guessing
        if (bytes.Length < 2000)
            return false;

        // DOC/XLS 2007+
        String start = Encoding.Default.GetString(bytes.Take(2000).ToArray()).Replace("\0", " ");

        if (start.Contains("E n c r y p t e d P a c k a g e"))
            return true;

        return false;

    // Unknown format.
    return false;

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