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Public | Replicate name case changes to Destination
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Add ability to rename Destination Folder file names to match the source. Windows considers Filename.txt and FILENAME.txt to be the same file, so Replicator doesn't even notice the change.

Paul wrote to

As I read the books I change the author's name to ALL CAPS, which just indicates that I have read that particular book. I back-up these books on an external drive. The capitalization is not changed on the back-up drive, it is still 'Bob Jones' rather than the new 'BOB JONES' as on the laptop's drive.

Perhaps a job configuration for case-sensitivity? Some destinations might be case sensitive already and so a name change ends up copying the file again to the new name (like if the destination is on a Linux server... not exactly a common use case). Anyway, think before you program, Joe.

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