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Peter asked in an email to support:

Can I print list for a dropbox or sharepoint directory? Looks like it is only C drive and other USB drives.

Directory Printer is currently being rewritten to use modern API which should pick up those virtual devices, too.

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Jeremy reported to

Unable to set Source to Apple iPhone_X. Windows Explorer shows:
This PC\Jeremy’s iPhoneX\Internal Storage\DCIM
Trying to copy all DCIM entries (photos and videos) to backup location.
[Replicator] exits early without error indication. Probably difficulty access individual file.
[File Explorer] is called/opened after iPhone_X connected and Explorer shows entry in folder tree and I can see the individual files.
I tried copy/paste [path name] from Explorer to Replicator Job Source entry but no luck.

Joe added a comment.Apr 10 2020, 9:37 AM

Inge also wrote to support:

Hi, I would like to make a backup from just some folders at my smartphone OnePlus7. The phone is connected to the PC and I can see the folders in the explorer.
Trying to make a new job in the Replicator I can't find the smartphone in the Source Folder.

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Dr. GG wrote:

I find that it will not allow one to manually input a local file/directory path, and the file selection browser does not show all local mounted systems and partitions, only those with wither a mapped partition name, or ..??
I need to then enter something like \\myNAS\media\movies,which works fine in explorer.

The browser is not going to be on the screen in some future version because it builds a dependency on information that Directory Printer doesn't require. Instead the same common dialog function is available now on Windows, but that browser on the screen is the reason you can't pass a \\unc path or a relative path or bypass the underlying NT virtual file system with \\?\ or the raw file system on \\.\. By emulating Explorer with that cool custom control she doomed Directory Printer to eventually be unable to do some things....

I suggest command line option to avoid trying to load the onscreen folder browser with information it's unable to interpret, causing the exception that crashes back to known state. And replace it with a "Change Folder" or Choose Folder button.