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Public | Switch from Standard to Daylight Savings causing files to replicate?
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Leonard reported to

Twice a year, numerous files are copied from the source to the object because the Source is Newer when it is not. The cause: The switch from Standard to Daylight Savings and back again in the fall.

Windows stores file timestamps in UTC time, so I'm not sure how that would happen. Even if Replicator was comparing local times, then the local time should change for both the source and destination files at the same time.

Are you storing your destination files on a server that is translating the time, possibly? Or, perhaps the destination server isn't syncing its time at the same moment that Replicator is... that could definitely mess things up once a year.

(I'll check on what I think I remember I saw in Karen's filetime comparisons. I'm pretty sure she does a full 64-bit comparison of the value Windows returns, but perhaps there's something funky there.)

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