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Public | Why can you check Compare Time, but not Copy If Newer?
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Joe created this task.Feb 25 2019, 8:47 AM
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This is because some people may want to copy if the Last Modification time is different -- it could be earlier than the copy in the Destination Folder. I don't personally have a use case for this, but some users might be using Replicator to restore previous file system states, I guess.

Joe reopened this task as Open.Nov 2 2019, 12:38 PM

Nope, I've misunderstood Jim's issue. Editing this task to reflect the real issue. Or is there another task? My head is spinning... I'll just copy ticket text here:

I am using your excellent program for version control. I have checked the options "Copy files only if changed or added" and "Compare Time of last modification." Replicator seems to make a copy every 3 minutes (my scheduled run time) whether the file's Dt Modified time has changed or not.

Replicator says it will make a backup/copy IF THE DATE MODIFIED field has changed. It is making copies even when the Dt Mod field has NOT changed.

I need to find out if this is still an issue. I'm guessing this might have been happening because the file modification time of the Destination is going to reflect the time the file was copied and that time is always going to be different than the source. But, I seem to remember another ticket that forced the Destination file to have the exact same mod time as the original.

Joe closed this task as Resolved.Nov 2 2019, 1:19 PM

This is no longer a problem. Was resolved by T36: Folder timestamps in destination should match source