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Phil suggested to

Regarding ideas for Karen's Replicator. It would be nice if it could synchronize files across a network. i.e. it could be scheduled to run once or twice a day (or on demand) & copy files between various directories. It would have to look at the time stamps of the files to see which was the latest.
Of course, the user would have to be careful with files whose time stamp changes every time you run the application, even if there are no changes. e.g. Microsoft Outlook has a database file "Outlook.pst", which will change it's time stamp every time Outlook is run, even if there are no changes.

I responded that I think this feature would be confusing for existing Replicator users and should probably be a new application. This morning, I'm not so sure. SO, this is getting tagged as both a New Tool Idea and a Wishlist item on Replicator.

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Phil responded:

since writing the suggestion I found that I had an app that had the capability. In Windows XP, I have Explorer Plus by SendPhotos. It's no longer available (the website,, is down) & doesn't function fully in Windows 10. However, it has a feature called EasySync that is installed in Windows XP & works in both directions, and I can start it in either Windows 10 orWindows XP. I do have to do it manually, however.

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I responded:

Perhaps this would be a new feature in the rewritten Replicator.
Oh wait, you could create two jobs and switch the sources to get the same functionality, I think.
WOW, don't try that on your real data. I'm going to make a note to try it myself to see if it'll get into looping back and forth. If they're both looking at modification times, which Replicator preserves, then two way sync through two jobs would do it.

JOE: Try this to see what happens