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This issue is to collect requests for more advanced features that I'm not sure should be in Replicator itself, but a real incremental / versioning backup solution. One of the reasons regular folks seem to like Replicator is that it *does not* include these confusing options like other backup solutions do.

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Mike wrote:

I have used several backup apps (free and paid), and I don't get a warm feeling when I backup files.
These backups tell me how much time it took, where the destination files are located, and that everything worked OK. I have been a backup specialist in several large corporations, and I always felt comfortable when there were statistics generated after the backups.
I liked to know how many files were accessed during the backup process, how many were backed up (perhaps individual file sizes listed), how many were bypassed (incremental backups, etc.), number files from previous backups, etc. Compare the current backup files/sets with the previous backup files/sets, generating statistics, to try and eliminate any surprises (missing files, etc.).
I really don't want to discover a file is missing when I need to recover it. At least with numbers, I can quickly ensure myself that all the files were visited and the appropriate ones processed.
Perhaps your tool could provide this info, and also compress the backup files.
Another item I think would be beneficial would be to generate an index listing of all files backed-up by file name sequence, followed by path/directory name. This would perhaps identify duplicate (or obsolete) files. EG. FILE-A located on c:/test/junk and on c:/flight-path/runway directories. These files (FILE-A) could be legitimate, or duplicates, or one could be obsolete. This would be very difficult to discover using a manual or other tool.
This index listing could be used for restoring files. The user could enter the file name (such as FILE-A), and then be presented with a listing of all the entries for FILE-A followed by the directory entry for each one. This would ensure that the correct file is restored to the correct location. Another feature might be an on-demand audit, where backup and source files are compared and information such as number of versions, unmatched files, duplicates, etc., could be determined.
Just a few (perhaps) different things to ponder.

Joe added a comment.Feb 23 2019, 9:22 AM

James suggested to a bunch of advanced features.

Streams, easy restore GUI, etc. See the original ticket.