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Public | UNC \\?\ invalidates free space computation, global exclusions
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This isn't really a task...

I read on the website "" that you are preparing an update to Karen's Power Tools, in particular the Replicator.

I used Karen's Replicator for perhaps 20 years, and was devastated with the April, 2017 update to Windows 10 that made the Replicator stop working.

I am now using the Replicator with the \\?\ preface to the source and destination directory path, and it is working but with two bugs:

  1. Karen reports space on the destination drive as being "-1 of -1 bytes (100.00%) free"
  1. Global Exclusions are apparently ignored, probably related to the now-required "\\?\" in the directory path.

The first one... I don't care. My destination drives are big enough I don't need to worry.

The second one... annoying in that it makes my backup logs really, really ugly when backing up my system drive, but other than that, not a big deal.

Can you put me on a list to purchase the updated Power Tools as soon as they become available?

Thank you.

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Fixed the free space problem by stripping off the \\?\ from the beginning of a drive name.

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Fixed the Global Exclusion drive parsing the same way.