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Public | Feature request: Copy filenames without files data
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Sasha wrote:

It would be nice to have option — copy filenames without files data. Limits on clouds and external hard drives. I can't afford to copy everything. For example, I have a directory «The Read Books». It takes the place about ~20 GB. In it there are books which I already read.

Assume, my computer will break: If I will have filenames: I can quickly download from Internet books which I want. Else: I can forget names and authors of books. I can have difficulties with search of books. Same for videos.

Example of expected behavior: If job option «Copy only names» enabled (default — false): Karen's Replicator copy only file names, without data. The structure of folders remains.

My personal opinion is that this feature won't be used by many and it might cause a bunch of support issues like, "Why are all my destination files 0 bytes in length," when someone accidentally turns it on. Creating this task so can think about it later.

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